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    Anhui Tiankang medical Technology Co.,LTD.  Welcome!

    The investigation team of the State Drug Administration visited the work of Anhui Tiankang medical s


          On the morning of April 29, Zhang Qi, deputy director of the device supervision department of the State Drug Administration, Li Yijie, director of the first supervision department, Wang Aijun, chief pharmacist of the verification center, and Liang Liang, director of the first Supervision Department of the State Drug Administration, were present at the meeting of Xu Fuxin, deputy director of the provincial drug administration, Wang Ping, director of the first supervision department, Ding Xi, deputy director of the comprehensive supervision department Accompanied by Zhou Dong, director of the registration and Evaluation Department of the provincial drug evaluation and inspection center, Chen Lin, deputy secretary of the Party group and deputy director of Chuzhou market supervision and Administration Bureau, Yang Ruiming, deputy mayor of Tianchang City, Wu Wenqiang, director of Tianchang market supervision and Administration Bureau, and other leaders, the supervision and inspection of medical science and technology in Tiankang City, Anhui Province was conducted. Zhao Kuan, chairman of Anhui Tiankang group, Mao Wenwen, general manager, and Bai Baodong, deputy general manager, warmly received the research group.

           During the investigation and discussion, Zhang Qi pointed out that the state drug administration organizes the supervision and inspection of the disposable sterile syringe manufacturing enterprises that export and sell the new coronavirus vaccine. On the one hand, it is to understand the actual operation of the medical device manufacturing enterprises, on the other hand, it is to help the enterprises find and solve the problems in the daily system operation, and make real-time improvement; Medical device manufacturers should attach great importance to product quality management, especially in such a background of anti epidemic, to ensure the quality and safety of medical device products is not only a problem of the healthy operation of the enterprise system, but also a social responsibility. In this inspection, there are six medical device manufacturing enterprises in China, and only one is Tiankang medical technology in Anhui Province. Through a series of inspections, the enterprises are generally very good, indicating that Tiankang medical technology is also an excellent representative of medical device manufacturing enterprises in Anhui Province. The construction of the system is always on the way. I hope Tiankang medical technology will further improve the system construction, strive to be a national model and an industry demonstration.

            Xu Fuxin, deputy director of the provincial drug administration, said in the forum that at present, the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic has entered the stage of normalization. The provincial drug administration must implement the supervision requirements of the State Administration, work with enterprises to ensure the quality supervision of epidemic prevention supplies, and make contributions to Anhui. Xu Fuxin pointed out that Tiankang medical technology has a good operating environment and good technical advantages. It is necessary to strive to run fast, well and win in the industry track, and run out of the industry level and Anhui level; To make more efforts in product development and talent introduction, the Provincial Bureau will work with Tiankang medical technology to build a national medical device training base to help enterprises become better, bigger and stronger.

          Zhao Kuan, chairman of the group, said that Anhui Tiankang group always adheres to the enterprise tenet of "the health of the people in the world, the pursuit of Tiankang people". While promoting the high-quality development of the enterprise, it carries forward the spirit of dedication and bears the social responsibility bravely. In the next step, Tiankang will take the strength of the group to further strengthen the innovation of medical science and technology, take the "national model worker Zhao Kuan innovation and Research Center" as the achievement transformation platform, comprehensively promote the research and development of new medical products, and actively build the national medical device training base, so as to make new contributions to the protection of people's health and the promotion of economic and social development.

         Then, accompanied by Bai Baodong, general manager of Anhui Tiankang Medical Technology Co., Ltd., he visited the overall operation of the workshop.

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