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    Anhui Tiankang medical Technology Co.,LTD.  Welcome!



    Anhui Tiankang Medicla Technology Co.,Ltd (Stock Abbreviation: Tiankang Medical, Stock Code: 835942)located in Tianchang City which is rated as the pearl of Anhui.It was founded as a subsidiary company of Anhui Tiankang Group in 1999. Our company have got official new three board on March 3, 2016 and now we have a registered capital of 57.78 million RMB yuan. We specialize in developing and producing products like safety syringes with retractable needles, auto disable syringes, I.V sets ,T.V sets ,ext...

    • Add: No. 228. Weiyi Road Economic Development Zone Tianchang City Anhui China
      Postcode: 239300

    • Comprehensive office:+ 86-550-7309169
      Fax: + 86-550-7308901

    • Sales consultant:Service
      Complaints rights:Service

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